Standard Retractable Banner Stand

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  • Banner Size: 33.5'' x 80'' inches
  • Assembled Dimensions: 36"w x 80"h x 12"d 
  • Actual Product Weight: 11 lbs 
  • Type of Pole: 3-part bungee corded 
  • Swivel out feet for added stability
  • The base is silver by default

        Package Includes

  • 13oz Opaque Matte Vinyl, No Curl Graphic
  • Full-color, high-resolution digital printing
  • Commercial aluminum frame
  • Free padded canvas carrying bag 

         Product Features

  • Most popular compact design, easy to setup and carry
  • Cost-effective  
  • Weather Proof, Opaque Matte Vinyl, No Curl Graphic 
  • Full color, high-resolution digital printing

Options and Upgrades

  • black base available



Retractable banner stands are trendy banner stands for trade shows and long-term store displays—easy to set up and transport.

Trade Show Retractable Banners, Stands are Simple, Quick 

If you are planning for a display or trade show, then having retractable banners and retractable banner stands will help your event to be a success for several reasons. These types of banners, sometimes also known as pull-up banners, are a great marketing tool for businesses that routinely display information about their goods and services. They work great for just about any advertising venue to tell people all about your company or organization. 

Pull Up and Retractable Banners and Stands

Business owners, project managers, and event coordinators will find that pull-up banners and retractable banners are very easy and convenient to operate at a trade show for all of your special events. This is because it's easy to use and only requires one person and just 10 seconds to set up the system. That means no more dragging around heavy gear or worrying if you will throw out your back by setting up your gear. 
In addition, retractable banner stands are lightweight, easy to carry, and is a great way to display your graphics and wording to the public during a trade show or other function. These types of stands will protect the printing on them because the pull-up banners conveniently roll up right into the base of the stand. They are therefore kept safe until you are ready to display them and won?€?t get damaged while they are waiting to be used. 
The stands each hold one full-color and custom-printed banner. You can even change out the banners and put in a different one with different graphics if desired. This means that your graphics, artwork, and other features of your signs will last much longer, thus saving you money on supplies in the future. 
Retractable banner stands are also very portable and can easily be removed and put into any place quickly and simply, only needing one person to assemble them. Most of these displays are adjustable for the height that you need. You should know that if your business invests in these types of banners and stands, you are making a good choice for your marketing methods for the future. All businesses need to make a profit, so this is a fantastic tool to help you to do so. 

Marketing Methods Using These Banners and Tools 

Your investment in retractable banner stands, banners, and pull-up banners is a great marketing tool, especially at trade shows to display information about your business or event. The banners are produced with vibrant colors and show up well in a crowd. Plus, the ease of use for the retractable banners and pull-up banners makes them simple to throw into your vehicle and bring to the trade shows. 
These products will provide the exact solution you need to advertise your products and services to the public during a trade show. They are designed to help a company build up its brand and get better known within its niche. Besides trade shows, they work well in environments like malls, exhibitions, or job fairs. They are produced with quality in mind and are also easily kept clean for the next time you use them. 
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